Your community, activated.

Virtual networking, reimagined. Giving you the tools and insights to bring your people together for life-changing conversations. 

Your community's most powerful untapped resource? Each other

Curated audiences

Segment your audience on your own terms with our custom filters.

Seamless logistics

Let us handle communication, scheduling, and reminders.

Guided conversations

Choose from our extensive topic library, or develop your own.

Robust insights

Measure impact and get feedback on each connection.

Activating leading communities

"I love how easy it was to get connected to my match with Orbiit. She brought energy and positivity to our conversation, I'm hoping to stay in touch."Senior Product Manager, Hyperscience
"We've always connected our community for 1:1 chats, but the logistics were overwhelming. Orbiit has freed us up to focus on growth and take the occasional day off!"Founder & CEO, Badassery
"We were able to both help each other with professional challenges. I walked away with tangible next steps on how to improve what I'm doing!"Global Creative Strategist, Spotify
"Great conversation with possible collaboration in the future...many thanks to GGV for facilitating community connections like this!"Product Marketer, Avo
"Orbiit transformed our approach to portfolio activation and enabled engagement that would have taken countless hours. I set a discussion topic, and everything is handled."Director of Networks, GGV
"It was great to expand my network and compare notes on challenges. A good way to sanity check and get some new ideas."Chief People Officer, Namely
"I enjoyed meeting someone from a different office! I joined during quarantine, so I haven't met people outside of my team."Project Manager, E*TRADE
"With our workforce going remote with the pandemic, Orbiit has been a great solution to bring our employees together and build culture in a distributed environment."Principal, E*TRADE Innovation Labs
"A great opportunity to connect with someone outside of my team, in a department I never knew existed!"Branch Operations Manager, E*TRADE

Impactful alone, amplified together

Orbiit brings communities together and increases engagement through connection

Net Promoter Score


Participants who want to be matched at least monthly


Participants who report that their network has expanded

Data points represent survey results of users across all Orbiit programs.

What can Orbiit do for your community?

Deliver impactful insights

Real-time feedback arms community managers with important information on user needs and interests.

What can Orbiit do for your community?

Engage and inspire members

Give your community members the peer access and connection they crave.

What can Orbiit do for your community?

Provide support in a distributed environment

An easy way to scale knowledge-sharing and virtual networking across time zones.

The power of connection

Knowledge-sharing is proven to empower members and strengthen communities

Surveyed organizations who say creating and preserving knowledge is important for their success (Deloitte)


Professionals who believe that professional networking elevates career success (LinkedIn)


Organizations who agree that a sense of belonging drives performance (Deloitte)

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