Orbiit gives you the tools and insights to match your community members with each other

We are obsessed with engineering the perfect match and making it easier for you to connect people, from introductions to scheduling and gathering feedback

our mission

Enhance human potential through connection

Bilyana Freye and Luuk Derksen, Co-Founders

We’ve always believed that the best way to learn is from each other. This led us to create the world’s first job shadowing marketplace in 2018. As connectivity and opportunities within our community grew, so did our vision.

We realized our impact could benefit not just our members, but communities worldwide. Guided by two years of insights, Orbiit was born.

Just as gravity brings objects into orbit, humanity has relied on communities for connection and support since the beginning of time.

In today’s world, where a sense of belonging is as crucial as ever, we’re grateful to live our purpose of elevating the happiness, productivity and well-being of your communities.

Onwards and upwards!

Orbiit Values


Communities give us the support and belonging we need to thrive. Connecting with other members allows us to experience these benefits on a deeper level.


We believe in the power of curiosity to build knowledge. Whether it’s looking for better ways to do something or stepping outside of your comfort zone.


When real people share their wins, losses and lessons with each other, vulnerability becomes a superpower for learning.


Growth requires taking risks, putting yourself out there, asking for help, and giving it.


Successful people continually improve themselves by recognizing the boundless potential in their everyday interactions.


Building a team and product that weigh the opinions and experiences of everyone equally in order to expand perspectives.

1:1 chats with community leaders, experts and builders

Community in Orbiit

Connect with community leaders based on your similarities and current challenges. Solve problems and support each other, share your knowledge, and offer support or advice.

Orbiit Careers

Orbiit is a fast-paced startup looking to grow our team with passionate, dynamic individuals who embody a true entrepreneurial spirit.

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