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Orbiit is a fast-paced start up looking to grow our team with passionate, dynamic individuals who embody a true entrepreneurial spirit

Our values:

We are bold and fearless and find a path where there was none.

We take risks and have confidence in accomplishing big goals. We are not afraid to fail and learn through experiments.

No client, objective, or challenge is too big for us.

Whatever we do, we do it really well. We take initiative to go above and beyond our roles and responsibilities to take the company to the next level.

We overachieve our goals, we are driven by solving big problems, and we proactively take leaps forward.

We love the grind.

We go out of our way to improve every user’s experience and fix the tiniest of issues.

We go above and beyond for clients’ needs. We add value beyond the product, whenever we can.

We are collaborative and customer-obsessed.

As a software engineer, it's often hard to feel like your code is helping people. Orbiit is one of those rare companies where I can actually see my code helping people form meaningful connections in an increasingly remote world.
At Orbiit, I am empowered to scale and operationalize sales and business development. The variety of work is challenging and insanely rewarding because we get to see our impact first-hand

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We're building a company where all kinds of people from all walks of life are valued and respected. We demonstrate our values through equitable pay, fantastic benefits, and access to all reasonable accommodations.