Orbiit Has Been Acquired by Hivebrite: A New Era of Community Engagement

Customer-focused communities

Decrease churn by helping your customers build a stronger peer network

Help your customers learn from each other. Unlock connection and collaboration opportunities. Keep your brand top-of-mind.

The CFO Connect community, Spendesk

Spendesk is using Orbiit to set up 1:1 conversations between 6000+ finance leaders from fast-growing companies across the world
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AI-powered 1:1 and group matchmaking for customer community members

One platform for intentional connections between community members. Countless ways to improve brand loyalty, customer retention, and engagement.

Stronger community

Effortlessly connect customers with similar interests

Connect your customers with their peers to discuss topics they care about. Strengthen your community by making it easy to connect with other customers, for anything from peer support to collaborations and partnerships.

Empowered customers

Help customers exchange ideas and find inspiration

Help your customers find new solutions to the challenges they're facing, without adding to your Custom er Success Team's workload. Best practices, explained by your customers.

Community-driven growth

Uncover what matters to your customers, from hot topics to innovative product ideas

Keep your customer community engaged by gathering their feedback on topics they want to discuss. Support your marketing initiatives and generate interest in upcoming events.

LeanIX is using Orbiit to foster interaction and ideas exchange through 1:1 calls between Enterprise Architects globally

1:1 conversations help our EA champions exchange ideas on how to implement a specific use case. Now they can think of it from a new perspective and take a new approach. We've also just rolled out some summit conferences, and reminded in Orbiit about certain topics to get the conversation going and get higher registration rates.
Daniel Gonzalez
Head of Support (Americas), LeanIX

LeanIX’s Continuous Transformation Platform® offers SaaS solutions to help IT architects, IT asset managers, business leaders, and DevOps teams achieve transparency and control over their enterprise architecture, SaaS, and microservices landscapes.

Orbiit helps connect communities running on:

CFO Connect Case Study

CFO Connect is a finance community built by Spendesk to strengthen the global network of finance professionals and promote modern, agile processes. CFO Connect brings finance practitioners together to grow and learn from one another in 1:1 conversations across the global network of 6000+ finance leaders from fast-growing companies.

"Each month, we aim to have more members opt into the matching program, but the beautiful thing is — no matter how many hundreds (or someday thousands!) of members who participate each month, it remains a 1:1 experience for all of them, and creates zero extra work for my team. Orbit is now an indispensable tool to fuel our community engagement."
Dominique Farrar, Head of Community and Comms at Spendesk

● 85 NPS score
● 4,000 member signups
● 50% of the customer community participated in at least 1 matching round

Build a stronger customer community. Decrease churn.

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Last year Orbiit set up 10,000 matching rounds. Launch yours in less than 3 weeks.
Networking is one of the top reasons members join our community, CFO Connect.
Dominique Farrar
Head of Community and Comms at Spendesk