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How Kahilla Uses Group Matching To Scale Community Member Mentoring and Growth Opportunities

The Community

Kahilla is a community of ambitious women leaders and professionals who embrace digital learning and career development.

Use Case

By using Orbiit’s group matching product, Kahilla creates ongoing opportunities for accountability and for members to expand their professional networks.

Pain Points

Group matchmaking has proven to help facilitate personal and professional growth, making members feel seen and helping them thrive.

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Member sign-ups
45 %
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Background and Community Journey

Kahilla is a vibrant e-learning platform that combines content and community for thousands of ambitious women professionals seeking personal and career growth at Fortune 500 companies across Health, Finance, Food, and other industries. Co-founders Noa Ries and Kim Havens launched the community in 2019 to address the “broken rung” and help women rise into leadership. Kahilla’s first employee, Catherine Kwan, joined with a background in fashion design and a passion for community engagement, helping to shape an authentic community experience that scaled the company’s close-knit beginnings.

Initially wearing many hats, Catherine’s focus gradually shifted towards community and marketing. Her innate ability to create valuable content and engage with members made her a natural fit to combine these roles. She embraced the opportunity to connect with Kahilla’s members and cultivate a meaningful experience that kept them coming back week after week.

Catherine Kwan, Director of Community & Marketing at Kahilla

Key Roles and Challenges

As the Director of Community & Marketing at Kahilla, Catherine Kwan is responsible for crafting an impactful and valuable experience for the community. Her daily tasks revolve around three core objectives:

  1. Strong and Actionable Content: Ensuring that posted content and courses resonate with members, providing them with actionable insights and knowledge.
  2. Resonant Live and On-Demand Programming: Developing programming that facilitates personal and professional growth, making members feel seen and helping them thrive.
  3. Building Connections: Creating opportunities for members to expand their professional networks and fostering meaningful conversations among individuals with similar experiences and challenges.

The most significant challenge she faces is capturing the attention and engagement of a community that is increasingly fatigued and overwhelmed by the demands of remote work. Convincing professionals to invest time in connecting with like-minded individuals, despite their busy schedules, requires creative strategies and compelling value propositions.

As a Community Director, her superpowers lie in creating impactful, concise content and formulating thought-provoking questions that foster meaningful conversations among members. These strengths drive engagement and establish a strong sense of community within Kahilla.

The Orbiit team is incredible to work with and responsive. I know that any suggestions or questions I have will be acknowledged quickly and thoroughly. We do not get this level of service from any of our other suppliers.
Catherine Kwan, Director of Community & Marketing at Kahilla

Creating an Engaged Community: Kahilla's Philosophy

Kahilla’s philosophy revolves around the concept of “Windows and Mirrors.” Members are drawn to the community because it offers both aspirational figures to learn from (Windows) and a sense of belonging where they feel seen and understood as whole individuals (Mirrors). While professional growth initially attracts individuals to Kahilla, the lasting connection comes from the personal relationships and relatability they find within the community.

To achieve high community engagement, Kahilla focuses on cultivating personal relationships at scale. They employ various strategies such as Orbiit group matching, meetings with founders and breakout rooms, personalized monthly letters, and weekly emails highlighting the platform’s best features. These initiatives combine learning, connection, and a touch of fun, distinguishing Kahilla from other e-learning content platforms.

The Impact of Content Creation and Orbiit Feedback

Content creation plays a vital role in Kahilla’s engagement and stickiness strategies. Members seek both social interaction and opportunities for learning and professional growth. Therefore, every interaction within the community, whether it’s through content or direct engagement, must offer value in these areas. Kahilla’s community combines learning with connection and enjoyment, setting it apart from platforms focused solely on education.

While quarterly surveys provide valuable insights, obtaining consistent and frequent feedback from members poses a challenge. Orbiit has been instrumental in addressing this issue by providing real-time feedback after positive experiences. This allows Kahilla to gauge the pulse of the community, inform content creation and programming decisions, and gather valuable insights on an ongoing basis.

The Role of Orbiit: Addressing Community Needs

Kahilla’s adoption of Orbiit Group matching was driven by a desire to connect their global members conveniently and effectively. With members located across different time zones, Orbiit provided a solution to connect individuals for meaningful 1:1 and group conversations based on shared interests and expertise.

Group matching, as a part of Kahilla’s engagement and marketing programs, offers members a unique opportunity to practice their skills in a safe and supportive environment. The platform enables individuals to apply concepts learned at Kahilla, such as personal branding or pitch practice, before implementing them in real-life situations. Orbiit’s contribution has been significant in helping Kahilla members grow their networks and achieve their professional goals.


There was a definite energy in the virtual room around the discussion topics. I felt what benefited the group was having folks from different businesses share their experiences and cross educate one another on tips and techniques to advance their careers.
-Kahilla Community Member

Successful Partnership and Measuring Community Engagement

Kahilla’s experience with Orbiit has been exceptionally positive. The platform’s team is responsive, dedicated, and provides outstanding support. Unlike other suppliers, Orbiit consistently delivers a high level of service, promptly addressing suggestions and questions. To measure community engagement success, Kahilla relies on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as Weekly Active Members (WAM), Monthly Active Members (MAM), Daily Active Minutes (DAM), Average Number of Visits per Week, and Average Time Spent on the platform. These metrics serve as guiding benchmarks for Kahilla’s community growth and engagement strategies.
We shared our experiences. All of them are principle-centered. The group helped me to build my confidence and enhance my skills.
-Kahilla Community Member

Future Impact and Initiatives

Over the next 12 months, Kahilla expects the impact of the Orbiit Group matching program to grow significantly. Members who connect through Orbiit are forming their own regular meetings and strengthening their relationships. Kahilla aims to expand the number of members regularly opting into Orbiit and leverage its capabilities to foster virtual connections beyond the platform.

Looking ahead, Kahilla has exciting initiatives planned for the rest of 2023 and beyond. Catherine and the team intend to launch a separate platform and pilot program catering specifically to the needs of men of color. These endeavors demonstrate Kahilla’s commitment to inclusivity and their dedication to providing tailored experiences for diverse communities.

The Role of Community in 2023/2024 and Conclusion

As Kahilla’s success relies on the stickiness and engagement of its community, the role of community will continue to be the organization’s North Star in 2023, 2024, and beyond. The community serves as a driving force for Kahilla, fueling growth, learning, and meaningful connections among professionals.

Through their collaboration with Orbiit, Kahilla has witnessed tangible outcomes and positive feedback from their community members. With 2038 sign-ups through 26 matching rounds and an NPS score of 81/100, Orbiit has proven to be an essential tool for Kahilla’s community engagement and growth.

As Kahilla continues to evolve and innovate, their focus on creating value, fostering connections, and empowering professionals will undoubtedly lead to further success. By embracing the power of community, Kahilla aims to transform the professional landscape and inspire individuals to reach their full potential.

We had the perfect group chat today with the members who attended who were authentic and we all shared how we are all wanting to be better speakers and presenters and we were able to share some very helpful tips. I hope to meet with this group again some time.
-Kahilla Community Member

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