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How High-Growth B2B Company LeanIX Uses Orbiit to Drive 9x Higher Retention

The Community

LeanIX's customer community comprises Enterprise Architects and executives whose main focus is on aligning an organization's IT infrastructure and systems with its business strategy and objectives.

Use Case

By using Orbiit’s curated 1:1 matching product, LeanIX enhances customer satisfaction by enabling them to share best practices, reduces churn rates and identifies upsell opportunities.

Pain Points

As LeanIX scaled to meet growing customer demands, 1:1 matching became a vital resource to foster collaboration, strengthen relationships, and ensuring every customer feels supported.

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NPS of Orbiit-LeanIX program

LeanIX: Mission and Team

In the fast-paced world of tech, customer success is more than just a buzzword; it’s the cornerstone of growth and sustainability for companies. LeanIX, a global SaaS Enterprise Architecture management solution, recently acquired by SAP, recognized the importance of nurturing its customer community and turned to the Orbiit tool to revolutionize its approach. The result? A remarkable transformation in customer satisfaction, reduced churn rates, and ambitious plans for upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

One of the humans behind LeanIX’s CS and Community efforts is Lulu Zhang. Prior to pivoting into tech, Lulu spent 15 years in retail operations and account management, which gave her a strong foundation of managing customer-facing teams. When Lulu discovered LeanIX, she saw an opportunity to make a significant impact by streamlining processes and joined as Customer Success Operations Manager in July 2022.

LeanIX has had a profound impact on Lulu too. As a working parent, she loves the flexibility the role and company offers. Lulu feels she is able to contribute meaningfully to the team and deliver business value, while maintaining a schedule that enables to be to be the mom she wants to be and achieve personal and professional balance. 

Lulu Zhang, Customer Success Operations Manager at LeanIX

LeanIX’s Community Strategy: Driving Engagement

LeanIX, like many tech companies, understands that a satisfied customer is a partner in success. Their customer community was born out of a desire to provide a platform where customers could share best practices, learn from industry experts, and engage in meaningful discussions. It aims to cater to a diverse audience, from seasoned professionals to those just beginning their careers.

One of the keys to a thriving community is active and regular engagement. Lulu Zhang’s approach focuses on creating a safe and welcoming environment where members feel heard and seen. In LeanIX’s world, customer community engagement is not just a metric; it’s a philosophy that underscores the importance of collaborative problem-solving.

The tools and strategies LeanIX employs to add value to its customers are diverse. To foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among its customers, LeanIX introduced Orbiit hyper-curated matching in December 2021. Orbiit now plays a pivotal role in facilitating connections based on similarity of roles, companies, use cases, topics of interest and overlapping availability to actually connect over a video call. These peer-to-peer connections make the customer community a haven for individuals seeking insights, solutions, and camaraderie in the complex tech landscape.

Earlier this year, LeanIX also launched a community forum ( to help facilitate some of the engagements and sharing of best practices. Down the road, LeanIX hopes the forum to have the same strong impact that Orbiit’s curated customer matching is having. Does it help with NPS? Does it make the customer experience more sticky? Does it help with upsell opportunities? They are happy to have achieved that with Orbiit.

I think it was a surprise to see how big of an impact Orbiit has on our community. Over the last two years, our cohort analysis showed that customers who have regularly participated in Orbiit chats, have had a 20% higher upsell, churned 9x less and a 5x higher NPS increase than those customers who haven't opted-in.
- Lulu Zhang, CS Operations Manager at LeanIX

Orbiit's Impact: A Game Changer

The partnership with Orbiit has been nothing short of transformative for LeanIX. The impact on customer satisfaction, as measured by the Net Promoter Score (NPS), has been remarkable. LeanIX’s NPS soared to an impressive 90, reflecting the overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers who embraced the Orbiit community.

Churn rates, a critical metric in the tech industry, tell a similar story. Customers engaged with Orbiit displayed a remarkable churn rate of only 1%, while those who did not participate experienced a significantly higher churn rate of 10%. This translates to a 9% increase in customer retention for Orbiit participants, highlighting the tool’s effectiveness in reducing customer attrition.

Orbiit is a core pillar in our digital community strategy. Facilitating direct and in-person exchanges has always been our goal to allow Enterprise Architects have a bigger impact in their organizations. With Orbiit, we could translate these exchanges to the virtual world and can run them across the globe, across the industries, and across different sizes and maturities of our customers.
- Christian Richter, Chief Customer Officer at LeanIX
Christian Richter, Chief Customer Officer at LeanIX

Looking Ahead: Upsell and Cross-Sell Opportunities

While LeanIX celebrates its achievements in NPS and churn rate reduction, it’s not resting on its laurels. Like most high-growth tech companies in the current economic environment, LeanIX is focused on expansion with existing customers as a source of more efficient growth and this is one of the big areas where Orbiit has been pivotal. 

The next 12 months hold a strategic focus on upsell and cross-sell opportunities. The success of the Orbiit tool in engaging customers and fostering a sense of community positions it as a valuable resource for exploring these growth avenues.

As LeanIX sets its sights on upsell and cross-sell, the Orbiit Matching program will play a pivotal role. It’s not just about retaining customers but also about identifying opportunities to provide additional value and expand relationships.

It is always great to connect with other Enterprise Architects. LeanIX does a great job supporting its customer base and enabling them to leverage a common interest in LeanIX into an opportunity to network and share experiences.
- LeanIX Customer Community Member

In Conclusion

LeanIX’s journey with Orbiit is a testament to the power of community and customer success in the tech industry. By embracing the Orbiit tool, LeanIX has elevated its customer satisfaction levels, reduced churn rates, and is now poised for growth through upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

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