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How Modern Fertility Uses Orbiit To Provide Critical Peer Support For Its Thriving B2C Community

The Community

The Modern Community is a community of individuals on every step of the fertility journey. Here, women get together to share their stories, and give advice to others.

Use Case

The Modern Community had many non-communicative members. By using Orbiit’s 1:1 connection platform, Modern Fertility hoped to boost community engagement, and client retention.

Pain Points

Matchmaking had proven to be beneficial to the community before, but limited team capacity meant that this program could never exist at scale.

Member sign-ups
600 +
Indicate they intend to stay in touch with at least one match
45 %
Net Promoted Score
Average match rating
0 /5

The Challenge

Reina Pomeroy, Head of Community at Modern Fertility, was faced with the challenge of providing her members with meaningful connections in a way that was efficient and scalable for her team.

What does your day to day role, as Head of Community at Modern Fertility, entail?
What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

My role is overseeing the internal virtual community and experiences, as well as our social team. The main hub of the community is the Modern Community which has a ton of members both customers and non-customers alike who come in to talk about fertility topics.

As for the day to day, I spend a lot of time supervising and being a thought partner to Marika, who is our Community Coordinator. She is in the community day in and day out and thinking “how can we improve engagement?” “How do we surface and create visibility around the things we are doing to the leadership and to our company?” and also creating touchpoints that make sense to our clients and the rest of our team.

“What is the most challenging aspect of our job?” I think it’s just to remind people the value of the community is not just directly revenue related, there’s so much that we could do with community and create experiences that get people to come back, so it’s definitely a great retention strategy and reminding our team and community members to come back is definitely a fun challenge.

Founders wanted to speak to their peers to make sense of the situations they found themselves in. There were no 'experts' with the 'right' answer.
JeeYoon Hong, Anthemis Product Lead

In your experience what factors result in a more engaged community? What is Modern Fertility’s philosophy when it comes to community engagement?

There are two things that I think about, first, the retention piece “How often can we get people to come back?” and, second, the engagement piece, “When they come back what do we get them to do?” There are a couple different things we do, on the retention side we think about all of the programing, including Orbiit, it’s one of the invitations we send our members to get them to come back and stay engaged in our community.

Our philosophy is thinking about our community in terms of these two core aspects, and ensuring that no matter what type of person a community member is we have programming to keep them engaged.

How does the Modern Fertility community differ from other communities? What experience is Modern Fertility putting into place to curate a safe, inclusive community?

I think that our community is a completely different space than many communities out there. Fertility is one of those topics that intersects with the rest of our members’ lives, it impacts careers, partnerships, friends, and money. Because all of these topics are incredibly personal, we have a requirement to keep everything as safe as possible, and allow our members the opportunity to feel vulnerable. Our safeguards include moderation on the front end, and curation of the space itself. I believe curating these communities is about finding people that have lived experiences. Our channel leaders program is an excellent example of this. These members have lived experiences with even the most sensitive of topics, they share these experiences and protect their communities, and we get to help support their efforts.
This was an excellent match! We're both strong women dealing with all the judgments and criticism when having a kid over 35. It was so great to share our strengths and struggles judgment free. The conversation was so natural and freeing. I'm grateful for this experience.
Modern Fertility Community Member

Why did you start using Orbiit? Over the course of 4 months what problem did the platform address for the team and for the community at large?

We started using Orbiit, because we believed that it could be a great way to enhance our community members’ engagement. We have a lot of members who never post anywhere else on our platform, and the hope was that these people would still wish to connect with other members who were going through very similar experiences to themselves… and we were right!

Before I tried Orbiit, I had attempted to do a matchmaking program, myself. It was a total of 50 people, and I found it incredibly difficult and time consuming. It was spreadsheets, and data and ensuring the matches were perfect. I discovered that I am not an AI, and the difference between me and Orbiit, is that Orbiit can do matchmaking effortlessly, at scale, so we can have matchmaking rounds of 200 to 300 no problem.

What has surprised you about this partnership/program to date?

How many people say that they want to keep their relationships from the first or second match that they have. I think that’s really beautiful, it speaks to how powerful the AI is, that you are able to read the couple answers that people have and connect them. They have a kind of a lifelong relationship with somebody. So that’s really, really beautiful.
I was apprehensive about the match, but it was a perfect match. I gained so much information and knowledge. It was reassuring that I am not the only female (of color) out there that has experienced negativity from doctors. There is strength in numbers.
Modern Fertility Community Member

How do you measure community engagement success? What are the KPI’s that guide you?

The Numbers we get from the Orbiit software don’t calculate into our success KPI’s but do calculate into the end of the year numbers where we look at the number of matches we have, and we are able to determine that we had 800 matches based off Orbiit.

How do you see the impact of the program continuing over the next 12 months?

I think there’s a lot of opportunity to create impact, connecting people early on in the process and finding a sort of a lifelong friend and to be able to do more of that with more topics. If we could do this, in the future, with all of our membership, it would be a very cool program.
My fertility buddy and I started chatting and we hit it off like we've been best friends for years. It was a very positive, energizing, encouraging experience to speak with a like minded person going through a very similar fertility journey.
Modern Fertility Community Member

How do you see the role and importance of community engagement play out in the wider health tech space?

I believe that engaged communities are the future. That brand communities are going to sell customers before those people are even customers. That those with a loyal and committed following are going to become the go-to space for customers in the future. The same is true for the health-tech space. Here there is a lot of misinformation and a lot of good communities, and bad ones. I think the communities that focus on community engagement and becoming a better group will be a very exciting place to be. I think it’s going to be amazing when a community has that sort of impact.

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