Demand generation

Your customers are your best salespeople. Make it easy for them to connect with your prospects.

Open your community to non-customers. Build a real relationship between your community members and your brand. Get prospects' attention, their trust, and their loyalty.

The Modern Community, Modern Fertility

The Modern Community is a community of 55,000+ individuals on every step of the fertility journey.
Here, they get together to share their stories, and give advice to others.
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Orbiit 1:1 and group matchmaking for community-based marketing

Turn your community into a growth channel

Build a community where your prospects connect with your brand advocates, without feeling they're being marketed at

Higher engagement, stronger community

Group discussions on relevant topics with peers

Create a space where community members can ask questions, share best practices, and make connections. People who are interested and engaged — whether they convert today or next year — will help you create a thriving community that'll keep attracting new members.

Build a stronger bond

Great matches create an emotional connection to your community — and your brand

From feeling seen, heard, and understood to being able to solve a problem thanks to peer support, 1:1 and small group matching can become a powerful tool to make community members feel like they belong.

Feedback to drive community growth and inform content strategy

Matching round feedback to inform content and event strategy

Orbiit feedback dashboard can help you make data-based content and event decisions. From finding your brand evangelists to keeping track of the topics that interest your community members.

Anthemis uses Orbiit to connect 100+ portfolio companies for 1:1 conversations

We have grown the number of connections we have within a portfolio company, which we hadn’t anticipated. [Recently, we] received an inbound request after someone heard of a service Anthemis offers during an Orbiit chat.
Erica Young
Anthemis is a global FinTech investor with offices in London, New York and Geneva.

Orbiit helps connect communities running on:

Modern Fertility Case Study

The Modern Community is a community of 55,000 people on every step of the fertility journey. Here, they get together to share their stories, and give advice to others.

"Before I tried Orbiit, I had attempted to do a matchmaking program myself. It was a total of 50 people, and I found it incredibly difficult and time-consuming. It was spreadsheets, and data and ensuring the matches were perfect. Orbiit can do matchmaking effortlessly, at scale, so we can have matchmaking rounds of 200 to 300 no problem."
Reina Pomeroy, Head of Community at Modern Fertility

● 1,000+ member signups
● 93% of participants want to stay in touch with at least one match
● 4.5/5 average match rating

VC platform case study

Build a powerful community that brings in new customers

Schedule a demo with our team to see how Orbiit can help you match community members with similar interests and challenges to build trust, expose them to your offers, and connect with your brand advocates.

Last year Orbiit set up 10,000 matching rounds. Launch yours in less than 3 weeks.
I believe that engaged communities are the future. That brand communities are going to sell customers before those people are even customers. That those with a loyal and committed following are going to become the go-to space for customers in the future.
Reina Pomeroy
Head of Community at Modern Fertility