Connecting people, unlocking potential

Orbiit introduces members with compatible goals and experiences for impactful conversations that help them solve problems, share knowledge and build support through connection.

Curated intros for busy people

Community members don't need another random introduction plug-in, they need seamless introductions to compatible peers who are worth their time and energy. The Orbiit experience is curated and efficient, from signing up to getting matched to sharing feedback.

Branded email communication

One-click sign-ups, straight to your inbox

Members receive email invitations that are customized to fit their community's look and tone. They can either accept and sign up for the engagement, or skip the round and sign up next time.

Curated member preferences

Pinpoint specific interests and goals

In a short survey, members denote their role, experience, availability and what they're interested in talking about to ensure the perfect match. Best of all, info that doesn't change will be saved for the next time they want to get matched.

Comprehensive match introductions

Pre-conversation support to minimize prep work

When a pair is matched, they'll receive an introduction email with their match CC'd that provides both the LinkedIn profile and areas of interest for each party, plus an agenda with thoughtful questions and prompts.

Calendar invites with dial-in details

Easy scheduling to fit your calendar

Members will receive a modifiable calendar invite based on optimal availability between the pair, complete with video chat dial-in details and a conversation guide.

Dynamic feedback

Review your experience to inform future rounds

After the chat, members have the opportunity to fill out a feedback survey to rate their match and experience, indicate how frequently they want to get connected and over what topics, and more.

"My match gave some great advice on structured interview best practices, and then followed up with some helpful material."Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition & Operations, GOAT
"It was so simple to use the platform and the conversation was very productive. I would love to do more! Thanks for organizing!"Head of Community, Talent and Communication, monashees
"Knowing that others share similar experiences is comforting. This is my first start-up, and this resource is amazing. My match recommended another portfolio resource I wasn't aware of, so I applied right away!"User Experience Designer, X-CLAIM
"My match shared her framework for post-investment support, which sparked ideas for my strategy for 2021."Platform Manager, Factor[e] Ventures
"It was helpful to learn about how my match's team is managing and supporting employees during this time. I appreciated connecting with someone outside of my NYC "bubble", as she's based in SF."Senior Program Manager, Thirty Madison
"I received great ideas on how to approach re-designing a coaching program at my company. She also offered her help connecting me with coaching resources."HR Business Partner, Bowery Farming
"My match is an engineer and I'm a designer. She gave me a tip on how to track engineering time and effort estimates vs. the actual engineering time/effort a feature took to help better roadmap."Product Designer, Oui Therapeutics
"This was a strong match. We had common ground on the types of investments our firms make, and the way we support those investments. The geographic diversity (US to UK) was really helpful, too."Director of Marketing, Clean Energy Ventures
"I received some tangible recommendations for increasing organizational alignment." SVP of Product, Xometry

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