Orbiit pricing

Curated connections that bring people together

Unlike platforms that follow a ‘chat roulette’ model, Orbiit relies on criteria proven to facilitate strong matches

Orbiit customer support

Onboarding that goes beyond showing you the ropes

Learn how to easily set up your first (and next) matching round in an hour or less. Because Orbiit can be used for any community where members want to connect with each other for meaningful conversations, finding the right approach can feel overwhelming. This is why Orbiit customer success team members will act as your coaches to find the right set of questions and the right setup for your community.

Orbiit Plans

Unlock your community's most untapped resource: its members

Orbiit works best for communities with 200+ people.
  • Up to 1,000 member invites per month
  • 1 custom matching rule
  • Personalized logo placement and custom colors
  • Feedback and insight dashboard
All Essential features, plus:
  • Up to 10,000 member invites per month
  • Customize up to 4 matching rules
  • Customizable member feedback forms and downloads
  • Quarterly customer success strategy sessions
All Pro features, plus
  • Both 1:1 and group matching
  • Unlimited custom matching rules
  • Customized email address for engagements
  • Additional white-labeling
  • Dedicated customer support manager
  • Get in touch for customization options
Customers on all plans get access to:

Orbiit helps connect communities running on:

Flat pricing based on community size

Instead of the number of matches per month, our pricing is based on the community size. It means that you can use Orbiit in a way that helps you intentionally strengthen your community.

White-glove onboarding with our team of experts

Unlimited access to our onboarding team's community-matching expertise for the first 30 days. Launch a successful matching round without going through a lengthy trial-and-error process.

Access to multiple communication channels

Promote matching rounds where your members are. Make it easy to take notice. Platform fatigue is real. So is email overwhelm. Orbiit offers multiple ways to connect with your members.

Orbiit gave us everything we were looking for (including great tracking and metrics) out of the box. It’s been the perfect solution for making our growing community feel more personal.
Cory Bolotsky
VC Platform Board Member

Start matching your members for 1:1 and small group conversations

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